Choose the perfect plan for your business

All the plans have the same full set of features, they differ only in the number of allowed users and resources.

Forever free
$0 monthly
  • 1 Project
  • 5 Developers
  • 50MB Disk size for atachments
$19 monthly
  • 5 Projects
  • 10 Developers
  • 500 Contributors
  • 500MB Disk size for atachments
  • Customizable logo and footer
  • Own domain/URL possible, $50 handling fee
$29 monthly
  • Unimited Projects
  • Unimited Developers
  • Unimited Contributors
  • Unimiteds Disk size for atachments
  • Customizable logo and footer
  • Own domain/URL included

Why is ProjectPanel the best solution?

  • No need to install anything, you can get started in 30 seconds
  • Unique features and intuitive user interface
  • All your data is secure
  • No server/webspace required
  • Support and lifetime upgrades
  • Periodical upgrades and backups by our support crew
  • Can I get a refund of my order?
    Yes, we provide 30-days Money back Guarantee, no questions asked.

    Are there any contracts?
    No, there are no contracts. If you have paid account we bill on a month to month or yearly basis, depending on your choice.
    You can downgrade and upgrade your plan, add or remove users at any point of time. There is no setup fee and product updates are free forever.

    What is the difference between developer and contributor?
    It is very simple - developer is somebody to whom you can assign bugs and tasks in your project(s), so that he can work on them.
    Contributor is an user who has the right to submit new idea, task or report a bug, but you cannot assign to him a task to solve. So contributor could be your customer, an user of your program, or even anonymous visitor to whom you give the permission to report a bug or idea.

    Will the Free plan be really free forever?
    Yes, you can use ProjectPanel for free for as long as you are within its limits.
    Also, if some disaster happens we make a public promise - if for any reason we should go out of business or close ProjectPanel project, we'll release source code of ProjectPanel as an open source, so that you can host it on your own server.

    Where are your servers located?
    Our servers are located in datacenter in Frankfurt, Germany, with fast conection to all the world.

    Is my data safe?
    Absolutely! We provide state of the art security. Our accounts are hosted in renowned datacenters protected by 24 hour surveillance. We also work with security researchers to make sure the app keeps up with the latest security standards. All accounts include SSL encryption to keep your data safe.

    Can I choose a different domain name for my hosted account ?
    By default you'll get account with the domain name If you use Professional plan, we can configure it to run on your own domain or subdomain, for example: or
    Please note that there is a handling fee $50 for configuring up your own domain for your account for Standard plan, it is included in Pro plan. It is not possible for Free plan.

    What will happen with my data over quota if I downgrade?
    If you downgrade to a lower plan and you have more properties (projects, users, projects, etc.) than your current quota allows you would have to delete the data (users, projects, etc.) over limit, so that your account usage is not bigger than your current limit. If you will not do it within 60 days, we reserve the right to delete them at our own discretion.